Friday, April 6, 2018

30 Day Yoga Challenge

30 Day Yoga Challenge
by Steve Arcos 

When you first heard about the 30-Day Challenge what went through your mind? Were you excited? Did you feel overwhelmed? I remember my first time participating in one of these challenges. I thought: how will my practice transform?  Is thirty days a commitment I'll be able to keep?

The first week flew by. Seven classes in seven days? I felt unstoppable!  I could already tell my forward folds were getting deeper and my arm balances getting stronger.  My focus was unshakable.  I felt the solidarity of the yogis. I had this in the bag.

By the second week my momentum was slowing.  I pushed it hard and was sore from over exertion.  Meanwhile my social life kept trying to get in the way: dinner plans, movie date nights, was I always so popular?  I realized I had to mix up my routine with restorative and meditation classes to find a balance between the demands of the 30-day challenge and my personal limits. I also realized that I couldn't keep every one of my social engagements. If I wanted to get to thirty days; this month, my priority was my practice. 

Once the third week rolled around I had found a new source of motivation.  I was starting to see a lot of the same faces around the studio. I would look forward to class because I would also be seeing all of my cool yoga friends.  These were my people now.  A lot of us were having major breakthroughs on the mat and it was awesome being able to share that with my fellow 30-day challengers.  

When I finally reached the end I knew that I had accomplished something amazing.  I completed thirty classes in thirty days!  I had discovered a new level of physical intelligence and self-awareness. Most remarkable though was the realization that I was part of something bigger than myself.  Sharing this experience with so many inspiring yogis, many of which are still my close friends, truly made the 30-Day Challenge memorable. 

Have you signed up for the #30dayNamaste yoga challenge?  Just write your name on one of the poster boards hanging in the lobby.  Every time you take a class place a star sticker next to your name.  Every five classes you will be entered into a raffle for some fun and fabulous prizes including private yoga sessions with many of our teachers, art lessons, ayurvedic assessments, acupuncture, Town Pizza, La Tehuanita tacos, and so much more.  See the full list below, and don't forget to post your journey using #30daynamaste.  See you on the mat. 

Lea Kramer - Ayurvedic Assessment
Dana Kraft - Private lesson, Pre-natal Lesson
Ana Aguire - Photo shoot
Jasmine De La Paz - Homemade Bliss-Balls
Steven Arcos - Private handstand lesson
Nora Brank - Philosophy of Yoga group lesson
Chona Bernardo - Mandala art lesson
Sondra Sun - One free workshop
Meg Shoemaker - Private yoga session
Roxy Lange - Date night Nanny
Jenny - Private yoga session
Town Pizza - $25 and $5 gift cards
Leader of the Pack - $25 gift card
Shorthand - Stationary gift set
Study Hall - Swell water bottle
House of Intuition - May HOI MOON BOX 
La Tehuanita - Gift cards
Joy - Gift cards
Adriana Rizzolo - Healing Shakti Haircut
Amalia Gardner - Pardon my Heart Acupuncture
Jolie Matty - Private yoga session
Dylan Coffey - Herbal Remedies goody basket
More to be added!