Wednesday, July 26, 2017

by Chona Bernardo 

Crystals are thought of as the most stable form of matter on our planet. It is believed that crystals hold pure energy within its structure. They work with the human energy field and are able to move, diffuse, shift, and transmute energy within the body. Crystals vibrate at a specific frequency depending on its composition, shape, and color. The cells of the human body vibrate at a certain frequency as well.

In a Reiki healing session, I work with the chakras, or the energy centers of the body. One of the simplest ways to balance the chakras is to place crystals that match the colors of the chakras.  This will help boost the chakras own vibration without affecting the overall energies or harmony of the system.  It is believed that when the crystals and chakras interact with each other, it brings the chakras to its healthy vibration, releasing etheric, emotional, mental, or spiritual blocks of the well-being. My role as a Reiki practitioner is to bring comfort, support, and provide a safe space to release the blockages of the chakras.

Crystals have magical healing qualities.  When we acknowledge their metaphysical traits, they bring change in our lives for healing, growth, and spiritual exploration.  Crystals awaken us to the wonders of nature. They also help us discover the gifts of the earth that remind us of our beauty.

Some crystals I work with during a Reiki healing session are:

Quartz Crysta
Amplifies intention, bring mental clarity, strengthens the crown chakra, expanses the auric field.

Rose Quartz 
Emotional healing, release of stress, brings unconditional love and gentleness, and strengthens the heart chakra.

Manifestation, personal will, creativity, strengthens the solar plexus.

Black Tourmaline 
Grounding, protection, transmutes negative energy, strengthens the root chakra.

Favorite Crystal Shops:
Crystal Matrix - 3215 Glendale Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90039
Alexandria II - 170 S Lake Ave #100, Pasadena, CA 91101

For further reading on crystals:
The Book of Stones by Naisha Ahsian and Robert Simmons
Crystal Power, Crystal Healing by Michael Gienger
Crystal Bible by Judy Hall

Chona is a certified Usui/Holy Reiki Master with William Rand.  She offers Reiki sessions both at Namaste Highland Park and Namaste Downtown LA.  In the coming months she will be offering Reiki Level 1 & 2 Placements. She’ll also be holding regular Reiki Circle Meetups for those interested in practicing and receiving Reiki in group settings. For more info, visit

photos by Dave Getzschman