Friday, February 16, 2018

Ask & You Shall Receive!

Thank you for giving us your input and ideas.  
We are excited to have implemented a few changes below, and welcome new members to our staff! 

Highland Park Studio
  • Sunday GENTLE :: Yin Restore :: 6:15 - 7:30pm has been extended to 75 min with a new start time. 
  • New 90min class! VINYASA :: Intermediate on Saturday at 9:15am with Alex Halenda. 
  • Saturday YOGA :: Hatha & Kundalini will start at 9:30am.
  • Saturday VINYASA :: All Levels moves to 11:15am and is now taught by Ani Raya-Flores
  • New Saturday GENTLE :: Flow + Restore :: 11:15am with Meg Shoemaker
  • New MEDITATION :: Morning Sit (c) with Nora on Wed 7:50am - take a class before or after.
  • Per popular demand Wed 8:15am now moves to 8:30am as a VINYASA :: Intermediate class.
  • New VINYASA :: Advanced classes:
    • Monday & Friday at 8-9:15am with Chris Reed  
    • Tuesday 6:45-7:45am with Ani Raya-Flores

Downtown Los Angeles Studio
  • Welcome Hannah Rodriguez! Join Hannah downtown on Sundays VINYASA :: Candlelight at 7:30pm and on Saturday at 4pm VINYASA :: Intermediate.
  • New VINYASA :: Basics on Saturday at 10am taught by Chona Bernardo.
  • Chris Reed now teaches a weekly VINYASA :: Intermediate on Wed at 7:45pm.
  • New class with Kendra Baranko on Mondays at 7:45pm VINYASA :: Candlelight.
  • Roxy Lange has a regular class downtown on Wednesday at 5:15pm VINYASA :: All Levels.

Visit our schedule HERE and sign up for class. 



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